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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
       Meticulously organized and professional service. Everything looked spick and span afterwards.    
Darren W.11/06/2024

       For cost-effective and superb cleaning services, CleanersBromley is unrivaled.    
S. Griffiths31/05/2024

       Thanks to the exceptional work done by the cleaners at BromleyCleaners, our home is always sparkling clean.    

       My cleaner's unwavering professionalism and hard work were evident in the outstanding job she did. I am grateful for her dedication and exceptional service.    
Sophie M.16/04/2024

       Thank goodness for these exceptional cleaners in London! Their attention to detail and constant communication truly made a positive impact.    
Jenelle Parker21/03/2024

       It couldn't have been simpler to make an online reservation, thanks to the wide range of openings at an economical rate. The cleaner had a positive attitude and provided top-notch assistance.    

       After today's thorough carpet cleaning, my home feels completely refreshed. The cleaner was kind and left my floors looking immaculate.    
L. Kelly01/03/2024

       We had no trouble booking their services, and the results surpassed our expectations.    
K. Carr18/02/2024

       If you want stunning results and superior customer service, hire this phenomenal carpet cleaning company. You won't regret it!    
Andy M.08/02/2024

       I am beyond impressed at how my couch turned out after the cleaning! The knowledgeable specialist did an excellent job and even shared their expertise for future maintenance.    
K. Carlisle29/01/2024

       Our experience working with them was flawless - they exceeded all expectations!    
D. Tyler19/01/2024

       We are delighted with the service we received from the office cleaning staff; speedy, professional and effective - just what we wanted.    
Jaxon Williamson15/05/2023

       When I first heard about CleanersBromley I already had a go-to cleaning company in my area. However, the prices were much lower than my other guys, so I decided to give them a go. True enough, I received a great discount and an overall low price as well as an excellent job on my home floors. Guess who's now my go-to company? Thank you!    
Elizabeth Isles15/09/2017

        Cleaning Company Bromley and team are absolutely fantastic! I'd just had some building work done and although I made every effort to thoroughly clean my house after the work, there was still a lot that needed cleaning. Their company offered me the best price quote, assured me that they would be able to complete the job, turned up and then got right on it. Within a matter of hours my house was looking spick and span.    

       This is a very reliable company if you're looking for a simple and professional house cleaning service. I first hired Bromley Cleaners to clean the carpets and rugs in my home, but was so impressed with their stain removal experts and deep cleaning specialists that I soon hired them to clean my home on a regular basis too! Having a professionally-cleaned home is incredible and I'd recommend this company to everyone!    
Josh T.29/01/2015

       I just have had some home improvement work done in my house and the construction workers left behind a mess that overwhelmed me. So I got in touch with Bromley Cleaners, explained my situation and they send over a cleaning crew within a few hours. The cleaners got to work immediately and were at it non-stop, and in two hours my house looked great. The paint job was making my house smell of turpentine so they even did a deodorization routine that made a huge difference. I am so happy with their work that I am definitely going to recommend them to everyone.    
Rob F.04/12/2014

       As a pet owner with two dogs and a cat, I found it difficult to get the pet smells completely out of my carpets and upholstery using supermarket products, which I found to be expensive and not very effective. Since using Bromley Cleaners to handle my cleaning, I am so pleased with the results, I have my usual cleaning done weekly and then once a month, I get my carpets and upholstery cleaned. My home feel so clean and when the cleaner has been and my three piece suite smells fresh for weeks rather than days. Brilliant service would definitely recommend.    
Annette D.05/11/2014

       I favoured this company over a lot of others because their website was one of the easiest to use and looked appealing. Throw in the fact that their prices are some of the best in the market and I can see why they are standing the test of time. On my part, I'll never bother to hire another cleaning company! I even like the cleaning products they use! Their cleaners are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise competitive and hard climate. I work from home as a private teacher and always need my flat to be spic and span. Thank you to Bromley Cleaners!    

       Had a couple of friends over for drinks recently and it was all going well until someone ended up spilling a glass of wine on my ottoman. Now, these things happen and it is easy to get distressed but I've hired Bromley Cleaners before for little odd jobs around the house and I knew they would be up to the task. The upholstery cleaning team they sent over were real pros and by the time they were done, the stain had completely vanished. Now that is the kind of cleaning service that sets this company apart from all others.    
Dan L.19/09/2014

       I find that having the upholstery cleaned by Bromley Cleaners is a really good way of preventing the room form looking too drab. You may well feel like washing a sofa or arm chair is a waste of money, but the overall effect that it can have is amazing! I was extremely pleased to see that the team managed to get all of the stains out of the upholstery, whilst also keeping the job quick and mess free, and then only charging a low rate. Perfect as far as my standards go!    
Lisa Price31/07/2014

       My cleaner is fantastic! My kids all have it in their heads that anything she touches magically cleans itself. She works so effortlessly and it's doesn't only look clean but everything IS clean too. Hiring a cleaner through Bromley Cleaners has been a breath of fresh air and I'm never worried that I'm being ripped off. The prices are great and affordable for anyone on a budget and you won't have to compromise the quality of cleaning neither. I recommend this company to everybody! Their cleaners are all trained professionals and none of them will disappoint.    
Dwain G.16/07/2014

       Having the best cleaners can really improve things around the office and we have really noticed the difference since we appointed Bromley Cleaners. Our previous cleaners used to just empty waste paper baskets, wash up mugs (badly) and hoover the middle of the floor but this office cleaning company really get into the corners and deal with the bigger things like cleaning the inside of the windows, dusting down top shelves and even getting stains out of the upholstery. This is a cleaning company every business needs and if you want to see their results, come to our offices!    
Mike S.30/06/2014

       I was moving house and was short on time so decided to give a new company a trial with the move out cleaning. Bromley Cleaners were great from the beginning to the final payment being paid. My service was done to a high standard of which I was extremely happy with. The rate was good value for money too. Great detail was made to all the nooks and crannies of the house. It was left immaculately neat and tidy. The whole place smelt fresh and hygienically clean. I would certainly suggest anybody considering hiring a professional cleaning company to hire this reputable company.    
Zachary Hall12/06/2014

       I don't really find a lot of good in being too over the top, so I hope that you will bear that in mind when I say that Bromley Cleaners are absolutely incredible! In all honesty, I have no idea as to how I would do without them. They really are the best that I have ever used, and they make my life so uh more relaxed over all. You will find that some companies do the bare minimum to get the job done, but this team makes an art out of domestic cleaning. It has to be seen to be believed.    
Jason M.14/05/2014

       Finding a cleaner who can deal with all my pets is quite a task! I have a few dogs, a parrot and a lizard, and it is essential that they can clean around them, and are ok with being in the house with them whilst I am gone. The cleaner that I get round from Bromley Cleaners is incredible, and she always seems to get on with the animals really well, even the parrot, who doesn't like anyone, ever! I recommend this cleaning service whole heartedly, and would love to see them get more business because of it!    
Billy French29/04/2014

       I booked a cleaner a few years ago to perform a one of and thorough house clean when I moved in because I was not happy at all with the property when I moved in. Yes, they did a fantastic job, but they also provided great company because all of the cleaners that have worked for Bromley Cleaners over the years have been incredibly friendly and courteous to me, and even enjoyed a number of hot beverages after their shift. Great professionalism and hard work shown on every appointment, and one very important thing to me is that their time keeping and punctuality is perfect.    

       As a makeup artist, I find myself travelling a lot. With the fella is in charge of the house and the kids, the house is often a state when I return. I find a new stain on the carpet near enough every time I look at it. So I hired Bromley Cleaners to not only clean my home, but also sort the carpets out. They managed to get the carpet back to its original state and even removed all those ghastly stains. My home - spotless! They did such an amazing job that I have started hiring them for regular house cleaning. That way I can go to work and not have to worry about returning to a pig sty!    
Joanne Cooks27/03/2014

       I've been working with Bromley Cleaners for some time now to complete my office clean. I had used cleaning companies in the past that I was less than happy with. I heard of Bromley Cleaners from a co-worker who said they had provided great routine home cleaning for her, so I decided to call them up. Their service has been consistently excellent. They know exactly what chores I need done and always complete them in a timely manner. They offer customized schedules that allow for greater flexibility. I would recommend them highly to anybody with a busy office that needs cleaning.    
Gabriel Q.18/02/2014

       I love having professional cleaners in my home because cleaning just isn't for me. I was always spending time cleaning and I'd never be able to do as thorough a job as the cleaners from Bromley Cleaners. It's a really good quality service that's affordable - which isn't something you see every day! Now all of my neighbours use this cleaning company too, and none of us have any complaints! I can't imagine I'll ever go back to doing my own household chores ever again! Thanks so much to all the cleaners for all of their hard work, I really appreciate it!    
Jordan S.21/01/2014

       I'm usually very house-proud and after I had an accident at work I found myself unable to clean my house to the standard I wanted to have it. Reaching into those high corners and spending time scrubbing the carpets just wasn't possible for me anymore, but I couldn't cope with having a dirty house! I surfed the net and found out about Bromley Cleaners so I decided to give them a call and I only wish I'd done it before! My house looks brilliant and it's the envy of all of my friends. The staff are lovely and really nice to talk to - they've even been able to help me out with some cleaning tips that I'd never even thought of! I love this service!    
Clara S.17/12/2013

       This is the first cleaning company I have found that seem to provide fantastic cleaning services at an affordable price, so thank you Bromley Cleaners. Having initially called them to clean my carpets when I noticed they had begun to look a little tired, they did such a good job that I tried out a few of their other services. They are now my go-to cleaning company whenever my home is in need of a little attention. Over the years they have done my spring clean, cleaned my upholstery and much more. Every time they do a super job.    
M. Cuthbert03/12/2013

       Cleaning is a pain, and I have long felt like getting a cleaner. I can afford it a little better now, so thought it well worth getting one in for a test run. Bromley Cleaners were excellent as soon as they walked through the door, perfectly on time, very friendly, and they proved to be amazing at their job as well! The company sent over two cleaners, but it transpired that I only needed one really, as the clean only takes a couple of hours. This means that the whole clean is pretty cheap overall, so I'm dead happy with that!    
Sophie Long23/11/2013

       I would like to recommend Bromley Cleaners to anyone out there who needs a decent cleaner. If you need regular, consistent and high value cleaning services, then this is the firm for you. I have used them for years, and have never had an issue, with either punctuality or quality of service. Having a reliable cleaner is a great thing, so if you are in need of such a company, then you have found it in this lot!     
Henry Hall13/11/2013

       Hi, just came by to give a review on the service we received from Bromley Cleaners. We had a couple of rooms in our house which needed a really thorough deep clean and it was a bit beyond us on how to get this done. Luckily, we got hold of Bromley Cleaners who came round and had us spotless in no time. The staff were friendly and efficient and the job they did was really very good. I'd eat my dinner off our skirting boards, but then I'd have to call them back again. A really excellent service provided by a very professional company.    
R. Velez03/11/2013

       I bet there's loads of reviews on here just saying how great everything is. Well, obviously I agree with that (how could you not?) but I also wanted to give an example from my life about why Bromley Cleaners are so great. I recently got a big promotion at work and it's meant I've had no time at all to keep up with the cleaning. My co-workers invited themselves around to complete a new project and I was fretting trying to find the time to clean the house. One call to Bromley Cleaners sorted it out. They cleaned it so well, I've had them back since. Really saved the day.    

       It can be really hard finding a cleaning service. You can either pay far too much and then keep finding the spots they've missed, or spend far too little and dread what's behind every corner. But then I found Bromley Cleaners. You might be able to tell, but I've been through quite a few cleaning companies in the past. The only ones, and I mean the only ones, who have been able to offer me a fantastic service have been this company. And I still pay far less than I was before. There's only one cleaning company for me, these days, and that's Bromley Cleaners.    
Molly F.14/10/2013

       I am responsible for looking after my family and this involves a lot of work. From my usual job, to feeding them, clothing them and making sure they are happy, I am always busy. Cleaning the home is very important but something I don't often have time for. Since I discovered Bromley Cleaners though, everything has become better. With them handling the cleaning, I can put more attention into my other duties, while knowing I will have a tidy abode. They have made life easier and more pleasant for my family and me, and they can do it for you too.    
Tyrese Lowell03/10/2013

       I can't say much about Bromley Cleaners outside of that they were brilliant. I had had a real tough time handling my house cleaning and I knew I couldn't continue alone. I called them up for some help, and from initial advice to their staff coming to my address to handle things I have been thoroughly impressed. With their assistance, I've made my home the way I want it and it looks better than it ever has before. They get my full approval and recommendation for anyone who needs their home cleaned.    

       Sick of all the mess that had been building up in our home, my wife and I decided it was time to call CleanersBromley because we knew we would get an excellent service. Their staff came to our home in no time, brought everything they needed and quickly got to work. They got rid of every stain and speck of dust, put things in their proper place, threw away trash, and much more. The mess that had been building up was reduced to zero and we were left with a fine place to live, thanks to their great work.    
Joshua Keating13/09/2013

       My office is a hub of businesses that attracts many clients and partners. I could not succeed in business if my building was messy, as it would deter people from working with me and my staff could not operate properly. Doing this myself would be unpractical so I utilise the services of Bromley Cleaners. Their staff come to my office every weekday, before the working day began so it was clean and everything is ready. This allows my businesses to flourish and my staff feel at ease. It may be a simple service but it is one couldn't live without.    
Kyle Shannon03/09/2013