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14 October 2013
Making your Home a Greener Place by Changing up your Spring Clean
Making your Home a Greener Place by Changing up your Spring Clean

Have you given much thought to the ways in which your cleaning can affect both your own environment, and the planet’s environment? There are many things that you can do in order to reduce the impact that your home life has o the world around you, and without actually reducing the effectiveness of the way in which you run your home. Sure, it may mean changing a few things up every now and again, but it’s worth it when you see the green benefits, as well as the savings that can be made! You would be surprised at the way that we humans carry on, oblivious of our every action being harmful to the planet we live on, so have a look through our green guide to cleaning and maintaining in your home, and put it all in to action.

First off, you should reduce the amount of electricity that you use in the house. This can be done in a number of ways; firstly, you should hang dry your clothes. Whether inside or out, saving the money on the electricity will mean that you can handle the time difference I’m sure! The reduction in your power intake will be significant as well, so you can be sure that you damp clothes on the line are saving the planet! Having a decent dust mat at the door on both sides will reduce the amount of dirt that is brought in to the house which will reduce the amount of vacuum cleaning that you have to do. You will no doubt understand how that will reduce your electricity bill as well. The mats will also help reduce the amount of floor mop and bucket washing that you need to do, which will reduce your water usage rather considerably. Water is a growingly scarce resource, so you should be very aware of how you use it in the home. Leaving taps running is a massive waste, so be sure to fill up a sink when you do the washing up, and avoid leaving the tap on whilst brushing your teeth. Perhaps even turn the shower off as you lather up and clean yourself, this will increase the effect of the soap and save water!

If you are doing redecoration, consider the chemical content of your paint. Some companies do supply paint that is free of toxic chemicals, but some have a high content of ‘VOC’, known as volatile organic compounds that cause indoor air pollution at certain temperatures, and can be the cause of long as well as short term health problems for you and your family. You should make sure that everything that you do in the home is safe for your family as well as the environment, but do not feel like you have to use the first solution that you find, rather look into the various discussions on how these things can be achieved without spending huge amounts of money that can be found on the internet.

Saving the planet may feel like it is not down to us as individuals, but a larger power. Unfortunately, that larger power is us as individuals amassed as a greater unit of force. Nothing will change until we start changing ourselves, so begin your long road towards green cleaning today, we hope our tips help you along the way!

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